More rain expected this week

Area could see flooding

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Heavy rains returned to Northeast Florida on Sunday, but most were spared flooding.

Most of residents were graced with a ray of sunshine (singular) and that was just enough to destabilize our atmosphere to allow for numerous severe thunderstorm warnings across the Jacksonville area.

Plenty of rain fell over the weekend. Recording stations at NAS Jacksonville, Craig Airport and Mayport Naval Station received 2.5 or more inches of rain Saturday afternoon and evening.  Parts of the Southside, St. Nicholas and Mandarin reported flooded roads Saturday night.

And more rain is on the way for the next few days.

''This is really a strange pattern. It's what we call a Rex Block," said the Weather Authority's Blake Mathews. "They're pretty unusual but it keeps any disturbance to our west from moving very far. As long as we have disturbed weather our west, our chances of rain are usually pretty high -- and high they will be at least through Wednesday. I suspect we'll have more flooding issues before it's all said and done."

 The forecast for the next few days promises a lot more rain with embedded severe weather at least through Wednesday.

Rain chances as well as the flooding potential will remain high.

Most of the River City can expect to add another 1 to 3 inches of rainfall over the next three days as the disturbance to our west slowly moves our direction.

The sun will be missing until at least mid-week.

Forecasters predict the area will be socked in with clouds with humid, damp, and gray conditions. 

By Thursday, the weather should begin to transition back to a more summer time pattern with partly cloudy skies and afternoon showers.

Until then, keep the ponchos and umbrellas handy.

Cleaning up and preventing flooding in NE Florida

Many of people are sick of the rain after more than 17 inches of rain fell in Northeast Florida during the the last two weeks.

Parts of Mandarin, McCoy's Creek, St. Nicholas, and San Marco had streets turned into streams this weekend.

"Just can't get out and do nothing you know, just ruins your plans. I wanted to go to the beach, and I can't go to the beach, just stuck inside," said Shawn Clifton in Mandarin.

Instead of cutting the grass, David Monroe watched rainwater soak his front yard.

"Can't mow the lawn. Usually, I like to keep my yard manicured but it's so wet. I'm afraid to mow it because it tracks it up so bad, so I have to let it dry off," said Monroe.

But there are ways to prepare your home for flood waters.

Employees at Home Depot said making sure windows and doors are caulked is key.

"You get a lot of people for flooding. Yards are being flooded, houses being flooded. We're seeing a lot of roof leaks," said Doug Lange.

For properties prone to flooding, a pump may be worthwhile.

"Something that will be a big, big factor in keeping your house from being soaking wet," said Lange.

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