Most Exciting Suburbs in America

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Check out which suburbs are the most of which belongs to Jacksonville. 

The words "exciting" and "suburb" are generally never uttered in the same breath. In fact, if you look at pop culture, particularly coming out of the 1980s–suburbs, are set up to play the proverbial second fiddle to their bigger brethren. They're shining beacons of the boring life, where the biggest thrills include mowing lawns on the weekend and picking the kids up from school on time.

Only that's totally untrue. [And, one of the most exciting belongs to Jacksonville!]

After ranking the country's most exciting cities–big and small–last year, we at the Movoto Real Estate Blog decided to start 2014 off by turning the preconceived notion that suburbs are boring on its ear. So, we applied the same Big Deal List formula responsible for rocketing places like Oakland, CA and Hoboken, NJ into the spotlight to the nation's largest suburban cities. 

How did we figure all this out, and what exactly constitutes "exciting" in our book? If you'll keep reading, we'll explain all that and more. We promise it'll be exciting.

These Are The 10 Most Exciting Suburbs In America