Mother says her children's headstones are missing

Betty McDuffey's son, daughter murdered, buried at Restlawn Cemetery

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - A Jacksonville mother tells Channel 4 her children's headstones are missing from Restlawn Cemetery.

Yvonne Pinkney was 15 and her brother Balalian Pinkney was 10 when they were killed on July 4, 1987 -- a night their mother will never forget.

"I miss them so much sometimes, I still can't sleep I still can't sleep," said their mother, Betty McDuffey.

McDuffey said her children's murders have never been solved. Along with that mystery, remains another unanswered question at Restlawn, where they were buried.

McDuffey said when she returned one day to visit her children's graves, nothing was there.

"I went out there and I asked them where my children's grave was, the guy went and stuck something in the ground and said they'd call me back and they never called me," said McDuffey.

McDuffey said that was 10 years ago. Since the cemetery has changed owners numerous times, and every time she tries working with the new owner to figure out where her children's graves are.  Every time she gets a run around.

Channel 4 tried to find someone to speak with at the cemetery on Monday afternoon, but no one was available.

Samuel Harris was in the cemetery while Channel 4 crews were looking for McDuffey's children's graves. Harris was also looking for a loved one's grave.

"I'm sickened because she meant a lot to me she meant a lot to me and I can't find her," said Harris.

It is a feeling McDuffey knows too well. She said she calls the cemetery every six months to no avail.

"I am not going to have peace until I hear something I got to know something cause they didn't deserve that," said McDuffey.

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