Murder-suicide rocks Northside neighborhood

4 killed, 1 injured in Oceanway shooting

By Ethan Calloway - Anchor/reporter, Francesca Amiker - Reporter, Jim Piggott - Reporter

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Police said there are five victims, including children, in a murder-suicide Friday afternoon on Shirley Oaks Drive, off New Berlin Road, in Oceanway. Four people were confirmed dead, including the gunman, and one is in critical condition at UF Health Jacksonville.

Jacksonville Sheriff's Office Director Mike Bruno said police got a call of shots fired just before 4 p.m. and arrived to find five victims with gunshot wounds throughout the house. Four were dead at the scene and the fifth last reported in surgery. 

"At this time, we haven't made next-of-kin notification, so we're not identifying any of our victims," Bruno said. "It appears this maybe spawned from a domestic issue where someone was moving out of the house or something to that effect. It's stemming from some type of domestic issue."

Neighbors said a Navy family had moved into the home recently and that the man responsible for the shooting was 25-year-old Gawain Wilson (pictured), though police have not said that he was the shooter. One source told News4Jax that a woman was with a friend in the process of moving from the house when the shooting started. A vehicle can be seen in the driveway with belongings in boxes loaded inside.

"I don't know the background of the family or anything like that. It's still very early in the investigation so we wanted to get as much information out as we could," Bruno said. 

Officers remained in the area through the night as loved ones and neighbors continued to learn about what happened. 

Neighbors like Dustin and Heather Fender said that they were stunned by what happened in their usually quiet neighborhood and are trying to figure out what to say to their children.

"It's quiet, I mean we have a really active neighborhood watch program, we look out for each other," Heather Fender said. "(We're telling our kids) the police are just trying to figure out all the details of what happened and that's their job. Mommy and daddy are here to protect you and some things are just not for you to see."

Dustin Fender said he didn't know the family involved in the shooting but said that it's a sad reminder that things like this can happen in any neighborhood.

"It's surprising for sure. It's not something I expected to come home to and it's tragic but tragedies happen everywhere. We have a great neighborhood and it's unfortunate to have this happen," Fender said. "Nobody wants to realize that something can happen that close to your home. I mean we have young kids. But it happens everywhere and you just try to protect yourself the best you can."

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