Nassau Co. deputies capture notorious cat burglar

'Burglar to the Stars' arrested

HILLIARD, Fla. - The Nassau County Sheriff's Office made a big arrest in the small town of Hilliard Monday morning. Sheriff's Deputies arrested a notorious cat burglar, a self-proclaimed criminal who the Sheriff of Nassau County told Channel 4 has been up to no good for a long time.

Blane Nordahl, 51, of Jacksonville, had two warrants out of Atlanta for burglary with intent to commit first-degree felony and conspiracy to commit a felony.

"He targets people who are pretty wealthy and would have silver in dining areas of their homes, many times people will be in the house asleep," explained Nassau County Sheriff, Bill Leeper.

Leeper told Channel 4 that Nordahl, who is known as "The Silver Thief" and "Burglar to the Stars," got his name for stealing $3 million worth of silver in 150 different Burglaries.

Authorities said Nordahl has stolen from celebrities like Ivana Trump, Bruce Springsteen and sportscaster Curt Growdy.

Nordahl was found in Hilliard after police in Tennessee, Georgia and South Carolina alerted the Nassau County Sheriff's Office where Nordahl was hiding.

Police say Nordahl would approach a house at night while owners were sleeping and remove panes of glass from French doors, avoiding any alarms.

After removing drawers of silver items, he would test them with his own silver test kit, leaving with only the most expensive items.

Nordahl has averaged around $20,000 worth of stolen silver in a single burglary.

"Tried to arrest him, he fled on foot," said Leeper. "Short chase, (the) individual was in Hilliard at the time. A civilian at the time jumped on him so a deputy could get there. (They) Arrested him and booked him into Nassau County jail."

Channel 4 stopped by Nordahl's address in Jacksonville and was told by people in front of the home that they didn't know Nordahl.

Channel 4 Crime and Safety Expert, Ken Jefferson, said Nordahl is what as known as a professional criminal. Jefferson said Nordahl didn't even let an eight year stint in jail stop him from committing more crimes.

"From my experience, dealing with these types of people, it's a rush they get going into homes without them even knowing it, and taking things. It's a sick rush, but a rush that they have," said Jefferson.

Blane Nordahl will be transported to Atlanta to face charges on various warrants there, Nordahl is also wanted by other states, including the FBI.

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