Navy officer surprises daughter at school

Brent Fullerton flew 24 hours straight to get home, surprise daughter

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - A second-grader at St. Mark's Episcopal Day School got the surprise of her life Wednesday when her dad returned from his service overseas.

Paige Fullerton knew her dad was due to come home, but she didn't know when. Paige was told that her teacher, Miss Gallagher, was being honored as teacher of the week.

Paige was helping Gallgher read a story to the class when her dad, Navy Officer Brent Fullerton, showed up in the back of the room.

"I've been away from home since last May, June timeframe, so it's been quite a while. Good to be home in Jacksonville," said Brent Fullerton.

Brent Fullerton flew 24 hours straight to get home and surprise his little girl.

"This morning the only thing I wanted, I wanted daddy for my birthday," said Paige. "I was really surprised I thought he was coming just after my birthday but he's actually here right now."

Paige's birthday is later this week -- a happy occasion that she shares with her parents' wedding anniversary.

"My daughter's birthday is coming up on Friday and it happens to be our 10-year wedding anniversary as well. She was our anniversary present on our two-year anniversary, so it's perfect timing," said Brent Fullerton.

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