Neighbors concerned pipe leak could cause sinkholes

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Neighbors who live on Kabroon Court in Jacksonville say they are fearful that what Jackson Energy Authority did to fix deformed pipes in their neighborhood may have caused another problem.

Channel 4 went to Kabroon Court Tuesday night to take a look at the section of the road that neighbors say dips a bit lower than the rest. Archie Beauvais lives in the area and is worried that the deformed pipe fix could cause a sinkhole in his neighborhood.

"Yeah I do, exactly. If you've got defective sewage pipes, what else could happen?" asked Beauvais. "Usually when you have bad sewage lines, you're going to have raw sewage coming out. Why would someone wait three to four months when they know what's going on?"

JEA sent Channel 4 a screen grab from their call center of the first complaint made about the street on August 28. JEA told Channel 4 they've fixed three pipes on the road already, but not the pipe under the dip, which JEA said doesn't leak.

"Sent someone out there immediately and fixed damaged pipes fairly quickly," said JEA Spokeswoman Gerri Boyce.

JEA told Channel 4 that they are monitoring the situation and will repair it next week. They said there's no evidence a sinkhole could form.

"We have to prioritized projects. In the case where we have sewer pipes that are leaking and cave in, we react. When we have depression, we don't. If we have problem before next week, we would react sooner," said Boyce.

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