New FOP president speaks about troubles

Union following money trail after Internet cafe investigation uncovered

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - The Jacksonville Fraternal Order of Police is still trying to recover from the arrest of its former president and vice president.

Nelson Cuba and Robbie Freitas are facing charges in connection with an Internet cafe gambling scheme.

Now one of the union's biggest charitable events is coming up, and the union and its foundation are still trying to figure out what happened.

FOP President Steve Amos said the union is following the money trail, and the FOP Foundation, the charitable arm of the FOP, is still having a forensics audit conducted.

"Sure we are good," Amos said. "Business as usual at the Lodge."

Amos is not as animated as Cuba, who was arrested nearly three weeks ago.

The union's foundation is being sued by the state to see if money can be recovered that was funneled to the charitable board from one Internet cafe. Amos (pictured, right) said the FOP is getting by.

"We are still trying to get the information out to everyone that nothing has impacted the FOP, as far as this investigation goes," he said. "Everything is safe and secure here. We are trying to do business as usual."

That includes the Guns N' Hoses competition between the FOP and the fire union. It's a boxing event with money going to help fund some charitable programs, such as the annual FOP Christmas Party.

"I am sure there are some people having second thoughts from all of this," Amos said. "There are some giving thoughts about us and have concerns, but I want them to know we are above the board and 100 percent good to go."

The FOP Foundation has hired an attorney and is conducting an internal audit to try and see where money came in and where it went, and why nobody but Cuba and Freitas were aware of what was happening.

The current bank account with the foundation is still frozen, but other money was made available to run the Guns N' Hoses event.

"The day after the investigation started there were corporate sponsors that wanted to give their money to the Guns N' Hoses event, for example," Amos said. "The Christmas party and all of the things we do out of this Lodge we are going to continue to do."

Cuba did not return a call for comment Monday.

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