No arrests made in death of teens 1 year later

Megan Simmons, 14, Jazmine Shelton, 13, killed inside mobile home

By Ashley Harding - Reporter

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Sunday marked one year since a drive-by shooting claimed the lives of two Jacksonville teenagers. But still, neither family has answers, and no arrests have been made.

Megan Simmons, 14, and Jazmine Shelton, 13, were inside of a mobile home on Missouri Avenue on Jacksonville's northwest side when shots rang out. Shelton was killed at the scene, Simmons died a few days later.

Now, both families are begging for new information that can lead to an arrest.

"The whole time I was by her side, and I was saying, 'Baby, please don't die on me. Please don't die on me,'" said Pancy Shelton, Jazmine Shelton's mother.

"Those are words that no aunt or mother wants to hear -- that your child is spending the night at a friend's house and she's been shot," said Neta Sessions, Simmons' aunt.

It's been one year, but for Sessions and Pancy Shelton, the night Simmons and Jazmine Shelton were shot feels like yesterday. Their pain is still very real.

"She was my partner, you know?" Pancy Shelton said of her daughter. "I love my baby. I still love my baby."

"She's not going to be able to go to high school or go to prom or anything," said Sessions of Simmons. "She's not going to be able to experience anything. You know, they took her life. That's what's so amazing to me is how can this person live?"

Despite several leads over the months and detectives working the case, no arrests have been made.

Loved ones describe Jazmine Shelton as a sweet girl, who had a way with people. Simmons is remembered as a fun-loving girl, who dreamed of trying out for American Idol.

"(Megan) used to sing all the time and say that when she became a singer that my son would be her bodyguard," Sessions said.

Until they get the answers they need, both women remember all that they adored about their girls. Their love channels their need for answers.

"They took my child from me," Pancy Shelton said. "And I want justice. Somebody knows something."

"They took my sisters first-born child and my mom's first grandbaby away from here," Sessions said. "She was the only girl in our family. We have all boys."

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