Nor'easter winds causing erosion concern

By Scott Johnson - Reporter

ST. AUGUSTINE BEACH, Fla. - Nor'easter-like conditions are prompting erosion concerns along St. Johns County beaches.

When St. Augustine beach was re-nourished a few years back, locals told Channel 4 the sand reached to the end of the pier. Now, it's about halfway in, and the current wind conditions are pushing it back even more.

What feels like arctic wind has pounded the typically tropical beach with ferocity that's only outpaced by its suddenness, because a day ago it was pretty nice along the coast.

"Yesterday was nice. It was perfect," said beachgoer Megan Summers. "It wasn't windy, a little chill to it, but it was warm. A lot better than this."

Despite the cold weather and pounding wind, Megan and Kevin Summers brought their kids out because they wanted to play on the beach Sunday.

"They're excited, just wanted to swim," said Kevin. "A little cold for that, yeah."

Steve Rosche said Saturday night would've been a great night to camp out along St. Augustine Beach, but not in the nor'easter winds that are likely driving the re-nourished beach back closer and closer to the sea wall.

"This ain't bad," said Rosche. "I'm from Michigan -- Lake Michigan.

Rosche said when the beach was re-nourished a few years back, it stretched out to the end of the pier, and now it's about halfway back. He suspects in another year or two, the sand will be gone again.

"Nothing you can do about it. No way to stop it," Rosche said.

Despite the harsh weather, a lot of locals went to watch its effect on the waves and coastline.

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