Notices of property tax increase go in mail

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - The Property Appraiser's Office mailed out notices Monday that many Duval County property owners aren't going to like.

The so-called Truth In Millage (TRIM) notices that will arrive in the mailboxes of all property owners in Duval County this week reflect a nearly 15 percent property tax hike. The notices are not a bill, just a warning required by state law at this time of year.

Actual property tax bills will go out on Oct. 31.

"The TRIM is an important document because it tells you what we think your property is worth based on the market, and it also tells you what your property taxes might be if the tax rate is adopted," Duval County Property Appraiser Jim Overton said.

Jacksonville's City Council is still going through the budgeting process, but last month voted to raise the cap on the millage rate from 10.0353 to 11.535. If the tax rate is finalized at that level, the owner of a home with taxable value of $100,000 would have to pay about $75 more next year.

Financial planner and former City Council candidate Steve Hyers is well aware of what's coming.

"I get concerned when I hear taxes are going up, particularly in an economy we got going right now," Hyers said. "Long story short is, I am out talking to neighbors in the last couple of weeks, and the one I see outside I ask, 'Are you aware we may get a tax increase in October?' The feedback I got is, no they were not aware, and No. 2, they have not been surveyed or gotten their feedback. And No. 3, they think it's a bad idea because they just got a storm water and sewage increase in the last three years. Before that they got a millage increase."

Others don't see it that way. They say cutting services cuts the quality of the city.

"Yeah, I think some creative moving of funds here and there is necessary in order for us to maintain our quality of life in Jacksonville," homeowner Karen Robson said.

The TRIM notice also includes a schedule of public hearings held by each taxing authority and gives information about how to challenge the proposed market value.

Anyone with questions can contact the property appraiser at or by calling 904-630-2011.

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