NWS: Microburst hits Nassau County

Bryceville family's power pole snaps during storm

By Scott Johnson - Reporter , Elizabeth Berry

NASSAU COUNTY, Fla. - Wild weather hit parts of western Nassau County late Thursday afternoon. The National Weather Service told Channel 4 a microburst hit the area, tearing off the roof of a barn and toppling trees in the area.

Amanda McLendon told Channel 4 that she couldn't believe her eyes when she and her daughters saw a funnel cloud sweeping across their family farm.

"There was a very tall, very wide rotation with stuff flying through the air, and we got out and ran inside. Came out and saw some tin flying around," said McLendon.

The roof of McLendon's barn was thrown a few hundred yards across the farm.

"It was very scary, glad we didn't get hit, looked like it was coming toward us when we were running inside, so thank God we made it inside," said McLendon.

Eddie Conner owns the farm and has lived in the area for more than 60 years. Conner said he's never seen weather like Thursday's firsthand.

"It moved like 2,000 feet," said Conner.

Nassau County wasn't the only spot to see afternoon storms Thursday. A family in Bryceville watched a power pole snap in their backyard.

"I tell you what, it seemed like a tornado. It just came so fast and all, it started off with a real dark looking and all of the sudden started real hard to hail for a while, good while it started hailing, then all of the sudden I noticed my power was shut off. And that's when I looked across the street and seen they had electricity, so then I noticed that my pole was down," said Jerry Blount.

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