Obama announces plan to deal with tension in Iraq

By Scott Johnson - Reporter

President Barack Obama has announced a plan to deal with the escalating tension in Iraq, but for now, at least, it does not involve deploying troops.

Thursday he said he's sending up to 300 military advisers there to help the government hold off advancing militants.   

"I believe at this point it would be a mistake," said Neal Passante. "It's very debatable whether it was not a big mistake first time around. At this point it's clear this is a sectarian battle we don't want to get involved in."

"I think it's unfortunate for families struggling to have loved ones home, always thinking they'll be back home, then they get extended, then it appears they're fighting for all the wrong reasons," said Cindy Roberts.

Obama is trying to make it clear that the action is a middle ground and not a prelude to relaunching the eight-year war he stopped by withdrawing U.S. troops in 2011.

While the president is trying to smooth fears that this could be another long-term commitment, Channel 4 caught up with some Vietnam veterans who said they feel sending more Americans to Iraq won't solve anything. 

"I don't think there should be boots on the ground. We've served enough over there, done enough, we have enough air power that we can solve that problem," said Vietnam veteran James DePass.

The president said the strategy means the U.S. will be prepared to take targeted military action if and when the situation requires it. 

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