Occupy protestors remain as Mercury falls

Demonstrators brave freezing temperatures for their cause

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - As the temperatures hovered in the lower 20s, demonstrators with the Occupy Jacksonville movement remained in their camp outside City Hall.

After weeks of protests in Riverside, the group claimed that spot downtown in hopes of further spreading their message of social justice.

The protestors huddled in sleeping bags and tents early Monday morning. They say the sleeping bag is particularly important.

"It keeps the wind off," said Christian Gore, "so I haven't felt the cold most of the night."

Braving the cold is just one display of the group's commitment to their cause.

They say they have homes and warm beds available but they believe in their mission.

With only his face exposed to the severe chill Gore said things could be worse.

"I heard in Occupy Fairbanks, Alaska it was like negative 40."

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