One Spark comes to an end in Jacksonville

Officials estimate nearly 130K attended 5-day festival

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - The search for the "next big thing" came to a close Sunday afternoon as One Spark wrapped up five days of music, art and science in the River City.

"One Spark will be even bigger, better and brighter in 2014," said One Spark Founder Elton Rivas. "Thank you!"

With multiple winners raking in thousands of dollars, there's much to be proud of for this year's event.

Among them is the 5 and Dime Theatre company, who took music and performance by storm with more than $2,300.

"It feels like validation, validation not only for us, the people believe in bringing theatre downtown, but validation that art matters to the city."

Officials estimate that nearly 130,000 people made it out to the five-day festival, and more than 50,000 votes were counted.

Organizers said this is just one testament to how Jacksonville is changing.

"We can't help but smile and think about how fast our city is growing, changing and it's just unbelievable," said one organizer.

No doubt, it was a chance for local businesses to profit and build new clientele. Some hope the even't success will change the way some people feel about coming downtown.

"Folks are afraid to come downtown. They feel like there's no parking, there's nowhere to walk around and I think that we've shown them this week that that's not true."

For the next several months, these groups and companies will get to work with investors to help grow and support their creative ventures. The winners are certain this is only the beginning for what is still to come in the future.

"I think people are going to remember One Spark for years to come. They're going to feel that they can come downtown and be apart of the action."

One Spark 2013 Closing Ceremony Key Stats

  • Top 3 Vote Getters in Music: The 5 & Dime ($2,326.50), Boneshaker ($2,495.36) and Fathom Sphere ($2,509.43).
  • Top 3 Vote Getters in Technology: The Riverwalk Project ($2,448.45), Kona School ($3,137.96) and The Wall ($3,466.29).
  • Top 3 Vote Getters in Science: 123-Fresh ($2,945.65), 1 Food Park Project ($3,189.55) and Tiger Trail ($4,183.94).
  • Top 3 Vote Getters in Art: 20 Murals in a Year ($4,010.39), Beyond the Facade ($4,202.71) and Rethreaded ($6,768.42)
  • Estimated 130,000 people attended the 5-day festival in downtown Jacksonville
  • Over 40,000 people rode the Skyway between Wednesday and Saturday, according to the Jacksonville Transportation Authority
  • Over 50,000 verified votes
  • STACHE Investments -- a company formed by Jaguars owner Shad Khan -- will invest in five to seven companies and work with them over the next six months to support, build and grow their ventures in Jacksonville.

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