One Spark creator registration deadline looming

One Spark registration deadline Friday, February 21, 2014

By Crystal Moyer - Traffic/reporter
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - The second annual One Spark event in downtown Jacksonville is now less than two months away. But creator registration is less than two weeks away.

Those who showcase their inventions at One Spark will be eligible for up to $3.25 million dollars in potential capital investments.

In 2013, there were 51 venues. This year, 76 venues around downtown have signed up to open their doors for creators to set up. There were 406 projects showcased in 2013 and this year, there's room for 1,000.

In April 2013, more than 130,000 people converged on downtown Jacksonville for the inaugural One Spark event.

"I hear things like it was the biggest event that's ever taken place in Jacksonville other than the Super Bowl and I think we are going to blow people away in April 2014," said One Spark Executive Director, Joe Sampson.

This year, the world's largest crowdfunding festival is gearing up to be even more. Sunday marked two months until the event and it's already starting the downtown Jacksonville take over. The Sky Way is wrapped in One Spark promotions, which is the focus right now.

"We're heavily promoting the event. We're really focused on creator registration because creators are the epicenter of this project," said Sampson.

Creators interested in showcasing their art, music, science or technology innovation have less than two weeks to register for One Spark 2014. The matchmaking process for those who have already signed up begins this Friday.

"Matchmaking is the process for creators and venues to connect so it's a hands-off selection process for us. We don't select the projects that ultimately end up showcasing at One Spark. Venues and creators have to connect and agree to showcase in that venue for downtown Jacksonville," said Sampson.

Last year, Shad Khan committed up to a million dollars in potential capital investments for creators. He ended up investing more than a million dollars in 6 different projects and he's doing it again this year.

"Right now you can register at and by registering you have access to $310,000 and guaranteed crowdfunds and cash awards, unlimited individual contributions from attendees and backers from anywhere in the world and up to $3.25 million in potential capital investments," said Sampson.

The deadline to register is Friday, February 21, 2014.

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