One Spark jurors to pick best creators

By Kumasi Aaron - Reporter/The Morning Show anchor

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - With all the cool projects at One Spark, it's hard to think about picking the best in each category. But that's what some are tasked with.

Fifteen jurors will decide which creators will walk away with $10,000.

"It's like, how do you really judge music? It's tough to reconcile my own personal taste with the collective out here," juror Jack Deyoung said.

He's one of three judges in the music category and said it's about more than how a group sounds.

"Potential commercial viability plays into it, but also how, as an art form, do they believe in it? Is it something that is going to resonate with other people?" Deyoung said.

Joy Randels, a technology juror, checked out some of the 91 technology creators she and her colleagues will have to narrow down.

"Some, you know, it's really cool. It's something that's unique," Randels said. "The jurors have worked in this space for a long time, and we are subject-matter experts in the tech arena. So there are some like that, there's others you have to ask a lot of questions because it may be a really great idea, but you don't know if the team can execute."

Randels stopped by social network Hi-Fi for the first time Friday and took a second look at another social network called Yubixi.

"I got the low down on it and how people can engage with other surfers among certain things," Randels said.

Next up, Five and Fifty, a group working to allow business to send deals instantly to a targeted audience.

With so many different ideas and passionate creators, Randels hopes the final decision will be one that leaves a mark.

"We want to look back at the end of the year next year when we come back around next year for One Spark and say, 'Look at what that company did with the $10,000. It actually made an impact,'" Randels said. "This is how they took that organization forward, and they're actually making a difference and living their dream."

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