One Spark to be more concentrated this year

Organizers begin setting up Thursday

By Ashley Mitchem - Reporter, anchor

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - In just a few days, hundreds of creators and entrepreneurs from all over the world will light up downtown Jacksonville with projects in art, innovation, technology, music and science.

One Spark's opening night is Wednesday, and it's already making its presence known in the city's core.

If you went last year to the World's Crowdfunding Festival, you may think you know what to expect. But there are some layout changes.

"The footprint has gotten just a little bit smaller and a little more concentration, so this year we went from 26 blocks to 20 blocks, but we've added a lot of programming," said One Spark executive director Joe Sampson.

The venues and projects are located from the St. Johns River to Duval Street, and Pearl Street to Newnan Street.

One Spark headquarters moved into the Main Library on Thursday and lined out creator showcase spaces in some of the venues.

There are more than 70 venues to check out where you can walk around and see different creations from all over the world and cast your vote for your favorite project.

One thing you could do to get familiarized is pick up an event guide in Folio Weekly.

"Get the event guide now and look at it like you're going to a theme park for five days," One Spark co-founder Elton Rivas said. "I mean, there is plenty of food and water, but dress comfortably, be able to walk around and enjoy the experience, take your time with it."

One Spark runs through April 13.

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