Overnight showers cause morning floods

Crews unclogged storm drains on Westside to alleviate floods

By Crystal Moyer - Traffic/reporter

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Many people were up early Tuesday with the loud roar of thunder and rain pounding down. Those showers also caused flooding problems around Jacksonville Tuesday morning.

Whenever it rains in Jacksonville, flooding at McCoys Creek is imminent. Tuesday morning roadways along McCoy Creek Boulevard from Nixon Street heading east, had flooding that reached ankle-length.

"We have a problem when there are detours, when the creek floods, cars coming through like it's international speedway. This is our residence. This is where we live at. We have kids, grandkids at school, bus stops around here. They're going real fast and it's dangerous... As me and my granddaughter were going to the bus stop this morning, cars were going through puddles splashing everywhere and it doesn't make sense to me. If y'all could just slow down and be cautious of our kids and our neighborhood, we would appreciate it," said Donna Mitchell who lives by McCoys Creek.

Mitchell admits, the flooding causes a lot of disruption and inconvenience and hopes the city will do something about it sooner than later.

"It causes a lot of inconvenience with school buses. The school buses have to take detours. They might come late, kids might get on buses late. They be late to school. It just, the flooding, there's nothing we can do about it until the city does something about it. But we tolerate it, we have to tolerate it," said Mitchell.

There's also some flooding and standing water along San Marco Boulevard and Alford Street. This is near Hendricks Avenue in San Marco.

Drivers had to take alternate routes this morning as several roadways were flooded and lanes closed early Tuesday morning.

Around 4:45 a.m. the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office closed an eastbound lane of 103rd Street near Samaritan Way, due to flooding.

Moments later an eastbound lane of New World Avenue between Cecil Commerce Center and Normandy Boulevard was closed, due to flooding.

Crews were dispatched to both Westside areas to unclog the storm drains. The flooding receded and the roadways were reopened around 6 a.m. Tuesday.

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