Palm Coast woman scammed out of $8,000

Police trying to ID couple who scammed woman at store

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PALM COAST, Fla. - Flagler County detectives are trying to identify a couple who they said scammed a 75-year-old Palm Coast woman out of her savings of $8,000 Saturday morning.

"This is not a new scam. There is nothing unusual about this scam, but it is disturbing that these con artists have found their way into Flagler County," Sheriff Donald Fleming said. "They have no qualms about taking advantage of the elderly. We would love to identify these people."

Deputies who responded to the woman's home around 10:30 a.m. said the victim met the two con artists in the Walmart parking lot on Cypress Point Parkway. She said she was sitting in her car as she was getting ready to leave the parking space.

The scam started with a woman holding a wrapped box in her hand and knocking on the victim's window, detectives said. The scammer asked if the box belong to the woman. As the victim was telling her no, a man walked by and the scammer asked him if the box belonged to him. The man was the woman's partner in the scam. He said no, and then the two opened the box, which appeared to contain stacks of $100 and $1,000 bills.

The victim suggested they turn the box in to law enforcement because the money could be counterfeit, detectives said. The woman said she worked at a local grocery store, which would know if the money was fake. The victim then drove to the grocery store, where she met the man and woman. The woman took the money inside, claiming she was going to have the manager check out the currency. When she came out, she said the manager had confirmed the money was real, but he wanted to talk with each of them separately, so her partner, the man, went into the store while the victim sat in her car.

The victim, at some point, was then convinced by the scammers that she needed to pull her $8,000 in savings out of the bank, which she did, detectives said. The three then returned to the grocery store because it was time for the victim to go in and meet with the manager, according to the couple.

The victim went to the produce section, where she waited for about 15 minutes before returning to her vehicle. When she returned, she discovered the couple and her money were gone.

Anyone who may have information on the scammers is asked to call the Flagler County Sheriff's Office at 386-313-4911.

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