Parents charged after baby's bones broken

By Tarik Minor - Anchor, I-TEAM reporter

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - A 3-month-old baby boy is recovering with a broken femur, broken ribs and 15 other bone fractures and is no longer in his parents' custody.

Clay County investigators say the parents weren't only abusing the boy, but also depriving him of food and water.

Deputies arrested 25-year-old Desean Johnson and 21-year-old Lindsay Voege on charges of aggravated child abuse.

Deputies said when they two took the baby to his pediatrician in January, the doctor immediately noticed bruises on the boy's eyes, back and hands. That doctor ordered the parents to take their child to Wolfson's Children's Hospital, and when they did not police issued a warrant for their arrest for child abuse.

Investigators said the baby may have permanent injuries.

Family members refused to talk at the home Monday.

Neighbor Dana Poole is buying the house where Johnson used to live. Poole is disturbed by the allegations.

"I really believe that a person like that has issues," Poole said. "A child shouldn't get hurt like that. A child didn't do anything to get hurt like that. It can't defend itself."

"You're there to protect them, they are so vulnerable, they are so little they are little angels, and there's no reason to do that," neighbor Martiza Flores said.

Police reports reveal the baby boy was in the 52nd percentile at birth for his height and his weight, but at his three-month checkup, he was in the fourth percentile. Doctors said his parents denied him the chance to thrive.

"This case was very disturbing because your talking about major injuries to this child," said John Harrell, spokesman for the Department of Children and Families. "Fact of the matter is, this child could have died. It's a miracle the child survived."

Harrell said the baby is in the care of relatives as the investigation into the parents isn't over.

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