People leery of American Airlines after seat issues

Labor issues, seats coming loose on flight have passengers concerned

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Americans are concerned with flying American Airlines after seats on three planes came loose on recent flights.

Then an American Airlines flight to St. Louis this week turned frightening and had to return to Dallas because of an issue with the landing gear.

Passengers holding tickets flights on American Airlines told Channel 4 they are feeling a little bit uneasy.

Apart from this latest incident, the FAA is also looking into why three seats came loose recently on planes.

The airline is also dealing with rising tensions between maintenance workers and American Airlines management and it is laying off workers to try to turn around under bankruptcy protection.

Many airline passengers are saying they don't need any more reason to worry.

"I always think about things that could go wrong when I fly," passenger Denise Langston said. "I'm nervous."

Langston said she's nervous about flying American Airlines after learning rows of seats came loose from the floor on three separate flights.

Airline officials say they're concerned about the incident damaging their reputation and passengers say, they should be.

"I'd be a little bit leery," passenger Ron Wilbur said. "I'd have a preference somewhere else."

An American Airlines spokesman said the loose seat incidents are not related to rising tensions with maintenance workers who are unhappy about pending layoffs. Rumors are circulating that workers, may have left the seats unscrewed on purpose.

While that rumor is being investigated by the FAA, passengers are weighing in.

"It wouldn't surprise me if it was," Langston said. "I'm not saying they did it, but it wouldn't surprise me because I've flown a lot and my seats have never flipped off."

"My husband was flying yesterday to Dallas on that airline, so I was a little bit more nervous," passenger Patty Clavio said.

American Airlines said that improperly installed clamps caused seats to pop loose, but the question remains who exactly is to blame.

"The seat coming loose is a bigger deal," Elise Wilbur said. "I've sat on tarmac and it's an inconvenience, but I need to be safe."

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