Plumbers expect to be busy on Thanksgiving

Plumbers are some of busiest professionals on holiday due to clogged drains

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Some of the busiest professionals on Thanksgiving are a group of trained workers most probably don't think about on Thanksgiving until they're really needed.      

We're talking about plumbers -- who are among the busiest professionals on Thanksgiving, called out to unclog drains in both sinks and toilets.

Channel 4 talked to a local plumbing business and there are some things that can be done to avoid having to call the plumber with a house full of people.

Plumbers are really busy this time of the year, with stoppages in their main sewer lines and in their sinks.

For some reason, people think Thanksgiving is a time when they can throw everything down the garbage disposal, and that causes major problems.

We spoke with professionals at Turner Plumbing who are on call through the Thanksgiving holiday and are expecting a rush.

They urge everyone not to put grease down the garbage disposal, don't throw turkey or ham bones in the sink, no rice or pasta, egg shells or stringy vegetables.

Instead, put some ice down the garbage disposal at the beginning of the day to sharpen the blades.

Now the ugly side of THanksgiving plumbing mishaps, the toilet.

If having people over, put a sign in the bathroom reminding people not to put baby wipes or paper towels down the toilet. The last thing anyone wants to do on their holiday, is call the plumber.

"Probably the worst one I've seen is a lady tried to grind down a ham bone in the sink," Mike Kilis with Turner Plumbing said. "Other than that, main line stoppages are bad. When you see it running out the front door, it's bad, and those are probably the two worst."

It's not something people want to talk about but plumbers say limit the amount of toilet tissue used when going to the restroom and try to flush a few times if a lot is used.

The experts say less is best when it comes to your garbage disposal so air on the side of caution.

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