Police: Man, woman dead in murder-suicide in hotel room

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Guests at a Southside Hampton Inn are still shocked by an unexplained tragedy in a fifth floor room.

Questions remain about the deaths of a man and a woman whose bodies were found by hotel maids.

Police said it was a murder suicide, but so far they have not made public the names of the two people or given details about their relationship.

It all happened at the Hampton Inn at 4415 Southside Blvd near Tinseltown around 1:30 p.m. Tuesday.

The bodies were discovered this afternoon along with two sealed letters and a gun.

When Leslie Sheets checked into the Hampton Inn for a conference, she never expected to see fire trucks, police and an ambulance. But that's what she and the rest of her group of registered nurses found when they broke for lunch on Tuesday.

"It was a big commotion and people were coming in and out," Sheets said. "Its really sad."

Police said up on the fifth floor two other guests, not with her group, were involved in a murder suicide.

According to JSO, maids found the bodies of a middle aged woman and man locked in their room when they tried to clean it.

Police were immediately called and haven't said much more about who these people were or why they are dead.

"Police have to be very methodical because there is no one left to talk about what happened," Channel 4 Crime Analyst Ken Jefferson said. "They have to put it all together."

Police did say that they found envelopes in the room with notes. They said they also found a gun.

Jefferson said it's a tragic situation but one that could have been worse.

"What they did was obviously dangerous to themselves, but that also put other patrons at risk in the hotel," Jefferson said.

Sheets and her coworkers never heard anything until police had already arrived, but she says it's a shame she and other registered nurses didn't know anything was wrong and could have helped.

"I just feel really bad for them," Sheets said. "I guess it can happen anywhere but it's a shame it happened here."

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