Pollen inside home hidden hazard

Easy ways to keep pollen outside

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Pollen covers our cars and causes itching, sneezing and runny noses. And this year we are seeing it earlier than usual. But there are some ways you can keep it away from your system, and out of your home.

Meghan Soohoo's pollen allergies are so bad she takes two shots a week to keep them under control. But she says she takes extra steps to keep the the pollen that makes her stuffy and itchy outside, where it belongs.

"When I come home like before I walk in my house I wipe my feet on the mat that we have outside and then we take our shoes off before we even walk in through the house," Soohoo says.

It's not just her shoes. Soohoo even takes things a few steps further.

"If its like a really high day where it's really really windy intro not to stay in the clothes that I was in because the pollen is just everywhere," Soohoo says.

Dr. Sanjay Swami, of First Coast Allergy and Asthma, says patients don't always realize they carry pollen in with them. Since we've been seeing more pollen than usual this year even the smallest steps can help keep symptoms at bay.

"I would recommend keeping windows closed at home," Swami says. "As well as in the car recirculating air in the car so you don't bring in the outside air. Bathing in the evening to rinse off the pollen that one encounters during the day."

Dr. Swami even recommends washing your hair and sheets, anything that may be close to you around bedtime.

"If you sleep with the pollen you're going to wake up with the pollen and e allergy symptoms in the morning as well," says Swami.

Swami says medicines are good to use, and there are some good over the counter options of popular brands like Allegra and Zyrtec. He says another option is a nasal spray or sinus rinse with distilled water.

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