Protesters call out Fla. voter purge

By Ashley Harding - Reporter
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Dozens of protesters are rallying against another voter purge in Florida, saying it targets minorities.

On Friday, they took that fight to Jacksonville's City Hall, chanting and carrying signs.

This comes as Gov. Rick Scott renewed his effort called "Project Integrity," designed to remove illegal voters from the election polls.

Florida Secretary of State Ken Detzner met with supervisors of elections at City Hall to discuss the project.

With state Sen. Audrey Gibson at the forefront of the protestors, their message was simple: no voter purge.

"They may look in their mailbox one day and get a letter saying that they're not legally entitled to vote, and with no premise necessary," Gibson said.

A similar voting purge happened last year, which some say was riddled with errors and numerous qualified voters were eliminated from the voter rolls, many of them minorities.

Marta Marcano was born in Puerto Rico, a. U.S. territory, and she says she was among those taken off the voter list. She says there's only one explanation.

"They don't want Latino and Hispanic voters on the list. That's what I feel," Marcano said. "I feel that they're targeting those voters. I feel that we're citizens as everyone else."

In a meeting with the supervisors of elections from all over north Florida, Detzner said no one was removed deliberately. He said the point of the purge is to ensure voter integrity.

"This is a process of reviewing people that are voters, that are eligible and non-citizens," Detzner said. "People that are non-citizens by law, by the Legislature and by the federal government are not allowed to vote. We can't have good elections if we have people that not eligible to vote."

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