'Purge' graffiti tagged on westside Jacksonville home

Woman wakes up to find graffiti written on her garage door

By Chris Robbins - Producer
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Two weeks ago, News4Jax was flooded with calls and emails about a so-called "Purge" event happening at midnight in Jacksonville.

The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office was quick to respond, saying it had no reason to believe the stunt was a threat to anyone in the city.

It all started with a social media post calling for people to get "their squad ready." In the "Purge" movie, laws are suspended and criminals are free to commit crimes.

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A westside woman woke up Saturday to find graffiti written on her garage door that read "We're here." "Purge (expletive)." She wasn't the only one, as two of her neighbors had their homes vandalized as well.

"I think it's children playing. They want to make it a joke, but I don't see it that way," the woman said. "You vandalized my house. I have to pay for this. Nobody else will. Parents need to take control of their children."

The post has also popped up in cities like Louisville and Detroit. In Louisville, it was traced back to a teen and ended up being nothing more than a prank.

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