Put cameras in troubled trash dumping sites?

Plan is part of move to clean up 'blight' in Jacksonville

By Jim Piggott - Reporter

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - You might want to smile if you are dumping trash illegally in Jacksonville.

There is a push to install cameras to catch people doing it. It's all part of the city's move to clean up "blight," which is trash and crime in Jacksonville's troubled spots.

Beverly Stone lives across the street from a popular dumping site and says it's hard to get the city to help stop it.

"At night you see cars going over there," Stone said. "You see people coming in trucks dumping stuff. They used to dump boats, bedding and all types of stuff over there, and I've been trying to call the city. They burn cars, set them over there on fire."

It's a problem the city is well aware of. And as part of a City Council meeting on blight Councilwoman Denise Lee and others are suggesting the city install cameras to catch those who do this all the time in spots known for dumping.

"This is an opportunity to deter that kind of behavior," Lee said. "Now, will it solve the illegal dumping problem throughout this country or city? No, it won't. But I guarantee you it will definitely bring a reduction."

It's just in a planning stage, and during a recent meeting, members learned the cameras could cost about $7,000 each. Enforcement was also discussed, but nothing has been decided.

Lee said the council will come back soon for more answers and hopefully work this as a partnership with the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office, which can use cameras to stop dumping and avoid crime in some areas.

All of this will come up for discussion during the blight meetings and would have to be approved by the full council. The city hopes to come up with a figure soon on how much it's going to cost.

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