Quest for justice not over in sexual abuse of girl

Father, mother sentenced; sex offender, grandmother await trials

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - As a father begins his multiple life sentences after being found guilty of allowing a convicted sex offender to sexually abuse his then-9-year-old daughter, prosecutors gear up for two more trials in the case.

Thursday night, a judge sentenced 42-year-old Christopher Perry to six consecutive life sentences, with no possibility of parole.

But the quest for justice is just beginning.

The sex offender, Robert Young, and the girl's grandmother, Patricia Woloszynowski, will soon have their day in court, both awaiting trials.

It was hard enough for many in the courtroom to listen to the evidence in Perry's trial, hearing the girl describe the sexual abuse she endured.

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Prosecutors say Young's trial will have even more graphic evidence, and they're confident of the same outcome.

Woloszynowski is facing the same charges the girl's father was convicted of, including sexual battery, lewd and lascivious molestation, child neglect, and conspiracy to commit sexual battery.

For Young (pictured right), it will be a different story, prosecutors said.

"Robert Young is charged with the abuse, he is not charged with any conspiracy or child neglect, as he was not supposed to be the caregiver of the child," Assistant State Attorney Alan Mizrahi said. "So there are different positions, but essentially they are charged with the same thing."

Mizrahi said there will be different evidence presented in Young's trial, but he said it will be no less disturbing.

He wouldn't give details but said it would reflect the same horrific abuse the girl testified to during her father's trial.

Mizrahi said such graphic testimony is often difficult for jurors to handle.

"I don't know if they're really prepared for that," he said. "They get the jury summons and they show up now to handle a case, and I don't think they really expect to hear the rape and torture of any child. And I think that's hard for everybody."

Hard even for him, Mizrahi admits, and most everyone in the courtroom. But it's something he believes is necessary.

"As difficult as that is, we are trained and able to deal with the harm that these children suffer and handle, and fight for them so they can get justice," Mizrahi said.

Young's trial is set to take place the week of Oct. 22. The grandmother's trial date has not yet been set.

The girl's mother, Mary Perry, has already pleaded guilty and been sentenced to 30 years in jail.

Michael Halveland (pictured above, left of Young) has also pleaded guilty to lewd and lascivious molestation of the girl and is awaiting sentencing.

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