Rail access megasite certification means thousands of jobs for Nassau County

By Ashley Mitchem - Reporter, anchor

NASSAU COUNTY, Fla. - Thousands of jobs are coming to Nassau County, and Gov. Rick Scott says it's all due to rail access.

"We're going to $invest 8.5 billion this year in transportation," Scott said on a visit Tuesday. "We're already perceived to have the best infrastructure of any country, and we can invest when we don't waste money in other areas."

Nassau County's Crawford Diamond Industrial Park, an 1,800-acre industrial site with a dual Class 1 rail access, was presented with megasite certification Tuesday. That provides certainty to prospective buyers that it's ready for acquisition and development.

The governor says Nassau County's job growth is showing great improvement, and this is just one example of the potential for more job opportunities.

"The private sector has generated 3,000 jobs in a little over two years," Scott said. "Every month, every day we're having more people come to our state to expand in our state, a big opportunity."

Scott is positive people will come to Florida to do business because what the state has to offer.

"We're working on jobs every day," he said. "They'll come here because we have no income tax. We're a right-to-work state, we have low business tax, we have no taxes on machinery and equipment, and it's working. You can see it all across our state."

The Nassau County Economic Development Board hopes this certification will help it meet the goal of 3,800 new jobs.

Scott is going to Paris on Friday to meet with aerospace and aviation companies. He's set to be back in Jacksonville next week.

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