Residents frustrated with grass code violations

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Jacksonville property owners could have liens placed on their homes if they don't keep their lawns trimmed, something they say is impossible to do with all the recent storms.

Edward Simpson owns a home on Riverside and said he's not happy about the code violation for tall grass and trash debris.

"It's frustrating, it seems like a waste of tax dollars and a waste of whomever was sending out the flyers since we obviously couldn't mow for a couple of weeks because of the weather," Simpson said.

The city, however, said rules are rules and the weather doesn't matter. This policy is common in city codes across the country.

"The overgrowth could not have happened overnight. Regarding the weather conditions, the weather has not been constant recently. Municipal Code Compliance suggests local residents develop a plan for property maintenance to avoid notices citations," Monica Landeros, a city spokeswoman said in a statement.

Simpson said his grass wasn't unsightly and he has since cut it. If he hadn't, the city could have put a lien on his property, which could lead him into foreclosure.

For more information about Jacksonville's City Code Enforcement, click here.

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