Residents prep for another possible storm

Flooding a concern if more rains come

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Tropical Storm Beryl turned out to be quite a rainmaker last month, and fortunately for northeast Florida residents, it wasn't much more than that.

But what could soon turn into Tropical Storm Debby in the Gulf of Mexico had many residents preparing on Friday.

"Done got my flashlights, generators serviced, gas tanks ready," said Don Brodmerkel, who's ready should the storm come his way.

"I have a big plastic bin that we usually keep everything in -- batteries, flashlights and candles," resident Kirstin Mason said.

Wind, rain and debris are all familiar terms from Beryl, and the city is making sure streets and roadways are clear in case a storm comes in the next few days.

"We really watch tree limbs over power lines, we really make sure the storm drains and ditches are cleared out," Emergency Preparedness Chief Marty Senterfitt said.

One Westside resident recalls damage his home sustained just a few weeks ago.

"We only had a few trees come down on the Westside on us, a little inconvenient," Don Brodmerkel said. "JEA just put up new high power lines in our area."

JEA said there's only so much it can do. Officials suggest homeowners be proactive and clear any brush or tree limbs now before a storm hits.

"If a tree falls in our lines, we're going to go through and clear the tree from our lines," JEA spokeswoman Gerri Boyce said. "But if it's on your property, you're responsible for removing that."

Despite the debris Beryl left in its wake that the city has nearly cleared, its focus now is set on the Gulf.

"We're well over 90 percent on that collection and hope this storm doesn't bring anymore," Senterfitt said.

If Debby forms in the Gulf and heads for Florida, it could result in more localized flooding. So it is something important to keep tracking.

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