Residents warned of door-to-door scammers

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - The Better Business Bureau is warning northeast Florida residents about a group of traveling con artists they say are going door to door in the area.

"An unmarked truck pulls up in front of your house says I've got left over materials and says I'll do it for $49 let's say. They don't have marking on truck, don't have license. Anything," said BBB's Tom Stephens.

Stephens said the scammers roam the country, scamming people in one region and then moving on to another. Usually the scammers arrive at people's homes in groups of two or three men and offer homeowners what sounds like a great deal on hard.

"They'll do some work, but very inferior," said Stephens. "The asphalt will be 1/8 inch instead of a couple inches. They'll spray very thin on your driveway and call it paved."

The BBB says residents should watch out for several things:

  • An unsolicited knock on the door, offering to do some job around the house.
  • An unmarked van, or a van with out-of-state tags.
  • Workers with no business identification, local address or phone number.
  • Asking up front for payment, or accepting cash only.
  • No contracts to sign, or estimates given, or misleading sales tactics, such as saying the estimate was per square foot, not for the entire job.
  • And cases where an older man does the talking while younger men do the work.

If you feel you've been a victim of this scam or have been solicited by these scammers, contact police.

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