Sandy the German Shepherd gets legs fixed

By Chris Robbins - Producer
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CAMBRIDGE, England - Sandy, a ten-month-old German Shepherd from Greece is on the mend after surgery to fix his bowed legs.

After his owner gave up on him, Sandy was flown more than 1,600 miles to Britain for treatment with the help of donations from hundreds of animal lovers.

Sandy arrived a month ago and last week had the initial operation to fix one of his legs with his right being treated first.

The complicated procedures are being carried out for free by surgeon Chaim Pilosof who is a partner at Companion Care vets in Cambridge.

"We are seeing improvements already and he is walking much more comfortably and faster than before and that is just with one leg fixed," Pilosof said.

"He is a lovely dog. He is very gentle and loving. You really could not wish for a nicer dog."

Pat Clark, who runs an animal charity, has decided to adopt him when his operations are complete.

"I saw his picture and that was it. We had to get him over. I am over the moon with his progress," Clark said.

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