Scott refutes blame for state's voting problems; calls for review

Mayor Alvin Brown says governor should extend early voting days

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Long lines in Jacksonville and around the state during and after last week's election are still drawing criticism, but Gov. Rick Scott is not taking the blame.

Some like Jacksonville Mayor Alvin Brown are pointing fingers at the governor and other state Republicans who made changes to early voting. The mayor says instead of taking away days, more should be added.

"That voters in Florida could maybe do early voting for maybe three weeks, allow them to vote from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. for three weekends," Brown said. "With a ballot that was so long this election, I guarantee the lines would have been shorter and we would have been able to to count the votes in a timely matter, and people would not view Florida as the laughing state and can't get it right."

The mayor was with the governor Monday at the city's Veterans Day parade, but he said he did not talk to him about the election.

Scott said more people cast votes in this election than any other in state history, and he blames the long ballot and says his decision to limit early voting days had nothing to do with the problems. Still, he wants an investigation.

"I think we ought to be looking at it, make sure we don't have the long lines," Scott said. "A lot of it was caused because we had 11 statewide ballot initiatives, but I want to talk to the supervisor of elections, talk to the secretary of state, understand what we can do to improve it because I want to make sure everybody gets to vote."

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