See Jacksonville in 1914! Confederate Reunion Film

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See Video of Jacksonville's Confederate Reunion

In 1914, forty eight thousand people from around the South descended on Jacksonville fifty years after the end of the Civil War to honor the Veterans of the Confederate War. They camped along Hogans Creek in the Springfield neighborhood and staged a massive parade which was caught on film by Jville's film industry.

The meeting of the Confederate Veterans in Jacksonville, Florida on May 6-8 1914. It was the 24th Annual Reunion of the old veterans.

According to the Confederate Veterans Official Newsletter, by 1914, less than 2,000 actual veterans involved with the organization were still alive,

But almost fifty thousand attendees and people came to Jacksonville for the 24th Reunion.

It was an especially poignant time for the old veterans to get here as the West was about to plunge into World War One. The reunion was in early May, and a month later, Arch Duke Ferdinand was assassinated, triggering the Great War. 

See Video of Jacksonville's Confederate Reunion