Shopping group promotes local small businesses

'Jax Cash Mob' celebrates 'Local Friday' in San Marco

SAN MARCO, Fla. - While consumers across the country packed retail chains Friday, a group of Jacksonville shoppers decided to give local businesses a boost.

The Jax Cash Mob celebrated Local Friday instead of Black Friday this year. The group gets together every five to six weeks to have some fun and spend money in local shops. Each time, the group chooses one local business to spend $10 to $20. The mob's goal is to buy from local businesses in Jacksonville in order to promote small businesses. 

"At this time of year, anyone can go to the mall," said local shopper Meg Rohal.

Rohal said opting to spend money at local stores in the big shopping season helps them thrive year round.

On Friday, the group met in San Marco and drew from names of businesses inside a hat to decide which business would get their business. The winner was The Wardroom Limited.

"It's so important because we keep the money in the community. Small businesses keep the money here -- the taxes and the contributions we make. And we buy all our supplies locally, so it helps the local economy," said Forrest Brewer, co-owner of Wardroom.

Local Friday comes just in time for Small Business Saturday, the annual "shop local" day, which was designed to pump up mom-and-pop businesses.

"If people only realized how much it helps," said Brewer.  

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