Slow fast lane drivers now face penalty

New law goes into effect July 1

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - A new Florida law is targeting highway drivers, but this law isn't about ticketing drivers for driving too fast. Now, drivers can get a fine for driving too slow in the fast lane.

Governor Rick Scott signed the bill that he hopes will keep slow drivers out of the left lane of major highways.

Starting July 1, House Bill 7125 goes into effect. The law makes it illegal to drive 10 miles or more below the posted speed limit if drivers are riding in the left lane.

The new bill is very much welcomed by a few drivers Channel 4 spoke with Friday night.

"I have been behind drivers in the fast lane and it's no fun," said Ashlee Gagliardo.

A person caught driving slow in the left lane could now get a $60 ticket.

"Sixty dollars is a little excessive but it will keep traffic moving faster you know," said Kevin Newton. "I hate it when I'm in the left lane and there's someone going slow. Speed limit is 55 and they're doing 45."

"If I'm abiding by the law and doing what I'm supposed to and someone is not, it gets annoying," said Lawrence Laymon.

The Florida Highway Patrol said the new law will cut down on slow drivers impeding traffic. If people get pulled over, FHP said they shouldn't expect to be given just a warning as they will be checking for slow drivers.

Captain Nancy Rassmussen said that officers will ticket without any hesitation.

"I don't see it being any difficult than anything else," said Rasmussen. "It's a state statute, a tool we use as law enforcement to protect the safety of everyone out on the roadways."

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