SMQTD: Punishment for prom proposal?

Student suspended for asking Miss America to prom

By Crystal Moyer - Traffic/reporter

YORK, Pa. - Miss America is defending an 18-year-old boy who asked her prom.

The teen's school actually suspended Patrick Farves just for popping the question during an assembly and now the beauty queen is appealing to the school.

Farves was given a three-day in-school suspension after his outburst at an assembly.

School officials heard about his plans beforehand, and warned him not to.

His three-day suspension means he has to sit in a classroom and work alone.

Nina Duvaluri, who won the title Miss America 2014, made the appeal on the Miss America Organization's Facebook page Saturday, writing that she was "flattered" when Patrick Farves, 18, gave her a flower and invited her to the dance during a presentation she was giving at Central York High School on Thursday.

"I later learned of the disciplinary action taken and reached out to the school in hopes that they will reconsider their decision," Davuluri wrote on the page.

Davuluri can't make the prom because of her travel schedule and says she has already reached out to the school in hopes they change their mind on Farves' suspension.

Farves told reporters that he actually feels bad now about asking her to prom because she was trying to speak out about diversity, and he feels his actions overshadowed her message.

By the way, he still doesn't have a date for his May 10th prom.

The school, facing criticism from some who thought the administration went to far, responded on Friday afternoon.

"It is not our practice to discipline a student for asking someone — even Miss America — to a school dance," the statement from the Central York School District reads in part. "However, it is our practice to set expectations for student behavior, to communicate those expectations and rules to students and families and to ensure those rules are followed within our schools. This practice is not uncommon and happens every day, multiple times a day, in schools, businesses and homes across America."

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