Southeast Georgia prepares for winter storm

Georgia authorities prepared to battle possible ice, snow

CAMDEN COUNTY, Ga. - Southeast Georgia is getting prepared for the deep freeze that is headed south and is expected hit folks north of the Florida state line.

"I'm not looking forward to this winter mess that we're about to experience," said Debra Dougherty.

Dougherty told Channel 4 that she's not taking any chances with the forecasted storm and stocking up on goods, just in case.

"Water to dinners, breakfast, lunch, getting it all. Always good to be ready," said Dougherty.

Dari Gates also told Channel 4 that it's about being mentally prepared to travel roads that could be layered with ice as early as Tuesday night.

"Going to try to be as alert as possible. I may have to get up a little extra early to be alert and safe. Make sure the tires are good and put plenty of anti-freeze in the car," said Gates.

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The Georgia Department of Transportation is also getting ready in Southeast Georgia:

"We covering 24 counties in southeastern Georgia. We are really gearing up for ice and snow so we have our trucks equipped with snow plows. We've got salt and snow spreaders and we are prepared to be on the road if need be, all night tomorrow night," said GDOT's Jill Nagel.

  • 300 employees will be on call covering nearly 7,000 miles of road.
  • With 200 tons of salt
  • 4,100 tons of gravel
  • 12 snow plows
  • Using over 40 pieces of ice and snow removal equipment

Camden County leaders told Channel 4 that final preparations will be made tomorrow after the county receives more information about where the storm will be and what it will do.

"We'll be talking to the school board (Tuesday) too on whether or not the school will shut down, which is a rare event around here," said PIO for Camden County, Capt. William Terrell.

A spokesperson with Waycross police said they will be making sure that all emergency vehicles are gassed up and that generators are working properly in preparation for the anticipated storm.

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