Storm damages homes, downs power lines

Officials estimate at least 350 trees had fallen

LAKE CITY, Fla. - Multiple homes were damaged due to fallen trees and downed power lines caused by Saturday's powerful storm.

The storm will make its way to up southeast Georgia overnight.

Several residents say they saw and heard hail hitting the outside of their homes.

Officials estimate at least 350 trees had fallen. In addition, power was out along U.S. 90 east to 10A.

"It was coming down, beating all over the house," said Lester Piercebassett. "I made sure the dogs were, the shed door was locked down. The icicles were hitting me all over the face and everything from the hail."

Authorities are now assessing the damage and for now, travel is at a minimum.

"We're trying to open up all the major and secondary routes," said Kevin Kirby with Columbia County Public Works. "Trying to block off with barricades and other kinds of materials to make sure it's safe for those folks."

A car was flipped completely upside down, along with a tree that was uprooted and fell into the middle of the road.

There were about 150 crews out working to assess the damage.

It has not yet been determined whether a tornado did touch down in Saturday's storm.

No serious injuries have been reported.

Sunday morning, our attention will turn back to the I-10 corridor, where a cold front will bring another strong line of thunderstorms between 10 am and noon.

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