Study: Designated drivers drink

40% of designated drivers too impaired to drive

A new study suggests some people picked to be designated drivers for folks who've had one to many may not be in the best condition to be driving.

The study from the University of Florida found that 40 percent of designated drivers actually drink, and are over the legal limit when they're driving their friends home.

"I have rarely met a true designated driver," said Sotir Koev. 

"A lot of people call it a DDD, which is designated drunk driver, which means whoever is the least drunk drives home," said Jessica Frank.

Researchers studied 165 people who were considered designated drivers. Their blood alcohol levels were tested and found that 65 percent of them didn't have any alcohol at all. At least 18 percent of those tested had levels of .05 or higher. 

Researchers concluded in the study that even with a blood alcohol content of .05, while still legal, drivers could be dangerous behind the wheel.

"You go to a bar, party and whatnot, there's supposed to be that one person that is not supposed to be drinking, but then you find out that person was drinking," said Akeem Lockhar. "I don't get in the car with them."

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