Sudden storm rocks Clay County neighborhood

Family says refrigerator helps saves them from falling tree

CLAY COUNTY, Fla. - A sudden storm in Clay County Friday took residents in Green Cove Springs by surprise Friday evening.

One family said that if it wasn't for their refrigerator, a tree would have came down on top of them.

The Hupp family lives in the Lake Asbury home.

"A tree, from what I understand, it hit on top of the refrigerator and it would have come right on down," said Ann Hupp.

Hupp's grandchildren were in the home at the time of the storm and she said the tree only stopped because it hit the top of their refrigerator.

"I just heard the wind blowing and heard some hail, but it wasn't big hail," said Delbert Hupp.

Hupp realized how bad the storm was when his grandchildren, who live next door, came running into his home.

"I didn't even know this happened, until they came in and said a tree came right through our house," said Hupp. "Then I went out and said a tree come through mine, too."

"If we can get tree surgeons here, get weight removed from the top, I didn't see any damage inside," said Ann Hupp. "So I can't wait for them to get here, relieve that pressure, because that tree could come up, go right across the house and it's not going to happen."

The Red Cross is helping the Hupp family. They are putting the family up in a hotel because they cannot go back to their homes.

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