Take some time; find it for less

Save 20%, 30% even 70% off the next time you shop

By Nikki Kimbleton - The Morning Show anchor

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - There are secrets that have helped Channel 4's Nikki Kimbleton save hundreds of dollars herself.  In a purchase while doing research for this story, she bought a new dress for $60 less than it was at the store, $20 off a new pair of shoes and makeup for half price. 

Now, Nikki is letting you know where to go to get some of the same savings.

Some of the first places to search for better prices: Ebay.com, Google.com and Amazon.com. If you find something in-store, but want to locate a better price. Nikki says doing a simple search at any of these sites with specifics about the item can make a big difference.

How big? Nikki went shopping and found a Calvin Klein dress on the rack in Dillard's for $99.00.  Minutes later she searched Ebay and found the same dress, also brand new, for just $79 and free shipping.

Nikki explained that Ebay isn't always a homerun. Sometimes, you can find even better prices by going to the Shopping section of Google.  Nikki found a Crock Pot on sale inside Bed, Bath Beyond for $59. Again, she typed in the description online and within minutes, found the same Crock Pot for $39.

Amazon and Ebay have launched price comparison Apps for shoppers but stores are tired of losing business, that's according to Klay Huddleston with Digital Marketing Agency.

"Is it frustrating to the stores to see this happen," he says.

Huddleston adds  there's a term for this kind of bargain shopping.  It's called "showrooming" and it's taking a chunk out of in-store sales.

"The number of e-commerce sales that were done through this trend were large enough that retailers should be paying attention," says Huddleston.

Some traditional retail stores are fighting back with in-store only coupons and deals. They're also pushing and relying on instant gratification.

Don Perkins with Sears talks about why it's often better to buy a product in person.

"You can actually get the product the same day you purchase it, no waiting for something to ship to your house, no paying extra to get it expedited," Perkins explains.

Also, you may be able to get a discount on the listed store price. That's why checking a site like fatwallet.com or RetailMeNot.com before you go shopping is another big money saving secret.

Nikki explains how this worked for her.  She found a garden hose online for $19.99. She went to Home Depot to compare prices and found the same size and style hose, but for almost $10 more. When she showed the manager the online price, he agreed to give twenty percent off.

"Even though he didn't meet the online price," Nikki said. "He was close. Plus, I would have had the item "right then" instead of waiting for it to be shipped."

So don't forget, stores need your business too so never be afraid to ask them to meet or beat any other price you find.

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