Team plays, wins for injured player

Aubrey Thompson was thrown from pickup truck, critically injured in October

ST. JOHNS, Fla. - Aubrey Thompson, 16, was thrown from a pickup truck and critically injured in October. He's been in the hospital ever since.

The football team that he played on, the Bartram Trail Bears, hasn't lost a game since. Friday night, the team played in the regional playoffs.

It has been very difficult for students at Bartram Trail, especially Aubrey's teammates. But while Thompson is not on the field, he is still on their minds.

Friday night's game was the biggest game many of the Bears' players have ever played; the third round of the playoffs.

Since the teen was badly hurt in October, the team has rallied together to turn around their season. They started with a 1 and 5 record. Since Aubrey's crash, they haven't lost a game.

"It's been motivation for them to play for him and to get him well and get him back out here playing with the guys," said family friend Kevin Munger.

There are signs all over that Aubrey is still very much a big part of the team. One example is his number just outside the end zone.

"The type of accident he had, a lot of people wouldn't survive. The fact that he survived it was really a great thing, a real blessing," said Athletic Director Barry Craig. "but he's getting better every day and just the fact that he's doing better motivates the players."

Aubrey's friends say they never lost hope. Knowing he's slowly getting better is something that keeps them going.

"The football team is playing their hearts out and fighting for Aubrey," said student Michael Phillips. "Everything is for Aubrey. And we've really come together as a community and I think we're doing the best that we can and he's doing the best that he can."

Friends and family have been keeping everyone up-to-date on Aubrey's condition on social media. They've been posting updates on Pray for Aubrey page on Facebook and also under #PrayforAubrey on Twitter.

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