Teens in SUV detail shooting of Jordan Davis

Second day of testimony in murder trial of Michael Dunn

By Kumasi Aaron - Reporter/The Morning Show anchor, News4Jax.com Staff

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - The three teens in the SUV when Jordan Davis was shot and killed in November 2012 took the stand Friday to answer questions about the exchange between their 17-year-old friend and Michael Dunn, and what happened after Dunn started shooting.

Tevin Thompson (pictured) said he was sitting in the front passenger seat of the Dodge Durango when Dunn's sedan pulled into the parking space next to theirs. A woman got out of his car and went into the convenience store.

Thompson said the teens were playing loud rap music while waiting for the driver to make a purchase inside the store. Dunn seemed upset and said, "Turn the music down. I can't hear myself think."

"It was pretty loud," Thompson admitted. "Jordan's window was a little down. My window was up."

Thompson said he turned it down when Dunn asked, and Davis told him, "F*** that; turn the music back up," so he did. He said Davis and Dunn argued back and forth, but he said he didn't hear or see Davis threaten Dunn or try to get out of the SUV.

Thompson said he reached over to the driver's side door to roll Davis' window up because

Davis was angry at Dunn. Thompson later described when he saw Dunn pull out his gun.

"Did you see or hear anything the defendant said just before you saw the gun in his hand?" prosecutor John Guy asked.


"Yes, sir," Thompson said.

"What was that?" Guy asked.

"'Are you talking to me?'" Thompson said.

He said Dunn was talking to Davis when he said that. He said Dunn then fired several shots.

"Where was the defendant aiming the gun?" Guy asked.

"Jordan's door," Thompson said.

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The defense followed up by asking Thompson more details about the conversation, what he was actually able to hear Davis and Dunn say, what he was able to see while front passenger seat.

Thompson said he couldn't hear everything Davis said to Dunn, but said he never heard Davis threaten him.

Thompson said Tommie Stornes, the drive of the SUV, put the vehicle in reverse and drove to the parking lot of a connecting shopping plaza about 100 yards away, and he said Dunn and his girlfriend drove off, heading northbound on Southside Boulevard.

Thompson said the teens returned to the gas station to get help for Davis because there were people there. He said he then called 911 about the same time Stornes asked a woman to call the emergency number.

After the lunch break a second teen was called to the stand. Leland Brunson may have been the closest person to Jordan Davis when he lived and when he died.

Brunson told the jury Davis and Dunn began arguing and Dunn asked Davis: "Are you talking to me?"

Brunson said he saw Dunn reach into his glove compartment and retrieve a gun and cock it. He said Dunn fired several times, shooting Davis, whose body fell into his lap.

Defense attorney Cory Strolla asked Brunson how he could hear what was said over the loud music.

"Isn't it true Mr. Davis was the one who was yelling and cursing at him?" Stolla asked.

"Yes," Brunson said.

"And isn't it true that the music was so loud that you couldn't hear everything that was being said?" Strolla asked.

Brunson replied: "Yes."

The third teenager to testify was Stornes, the driver of the SUV.

"Did you take anything out of your car, take a shotgun and put it anywhere?" Guy asked Stornes.

"No," Stornes said. 

Guy continued: "Anything at all out of the car? Did anyone else do that?"

"No, sir," Stornes answered.

The prosecution did not try to hide that Stornes was on probation the night of the shooting and was out past his 7 p.m. curfew, but Strolla questioned him extensively about that. Strolla also asked who Stornes called first after the shooting, and that even though he had known Davis a only short time before he was killed, he called him "his homeboy" in a Facebook post the next morning.

Earlier in the day, three officers and a paramedic who responded to the scene testified. Officers said Davis died almost immediately.

Officers Robert Holmes and Dawn Valentine of the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office said they found Davis slumped against another young man in the backseat of the SUV.

Blood was coming out of Davis' back, Holmes said.

Friday's testimony ended with a brother and sister who heard the gunshots and both called 911.

The trial will continue at 9 a.m. Saturday.

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