The Craft Breweries of Jacksonville

A look into Northeast Florida's popular craft brewing industry.

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Aardwolf Brewing Company
1461 Hendricks Ave
Jacksonville, FL 32207 
Phone:(904) 301-0755 

Breathing life back into an abandoned building, while still maintaining the aesthetics that made the architecture uniquely charming, is no simple task. Rustic is an understatement when it comes to Aardwolf's handsome taproom. It would have been easier to tear the building down and start from scratch, but they were determined to renovate and hold onto the charm the old building had. After several years of renovation, Aardwolf's taproom finally opened in September of last year.

Even though Aardwolf has only been open for less than a year, they are already planning on expanding. They plan to triple their current capacity for the beers sent out to various bars and restaurants. In October, Aardwolf will be holding an event sponsoring local green businesses, here in Jacksonville. This will be their second year running the Green Lion Festival. The taproom often holds events and features local food trucks. They strive to involve themselves in the community, supporting local charities and businesses. It is definitely a place worth enjoying a beer (or glass of wine wine) at.

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