Union members protest company at JaxPort

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Union members protested outside the Jacksonville Port Authority on Tuesday against a company they say lowers industry standards.

They believe Portus, a company that's contracted in Jacksonville, is not paying fair wages.

Dozens of union members stood on Heckscher Drive holding signs that outlined their cause. They claim Portus does not offer enough benefits and is bringing down the standard of business at JaxPort, making it hard for workers to live.

The protesters drew attention from drivers while wearing bright yellow vests.

The company had yet to release a statement as of Tuesday afternoon.

Protestors say they don't believe the company has its workers' best interests at heart.

"This is a ripple effect for the community," said Daniel Teague, president of the Clerks and Checkers Local 1593 union. "Portus has come in and they're paying substandard wages and benefits to their employees. We're not only helping the Portus employees out right now, we're trying to help the entire community of Jacksonville, let them be aware of the substandard wages and benefits that they're paying these people."

"We want to make people aware of the fact that we believe that everyone who is employed should have proper wages and benefits, and this company does not provide that," said Lewis Johnson, president of the International Longshoreman union.

The union members plan to continue their protest for the next few days, saying they hope at least the people who work for Portus will take notice and make a change.

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