Use of cameras in Jacksonville security

Cameras record throughout downtown area

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - The use of cameras has played a huge role in Boston's search for the bombers at the Marathon on Monday.

There are cameras just like those in Jacksonville, cameras owned by city government – or local businesses – or by anyone with a cell phone.

Channel 4's Kent Justice walked downtown and quickly spotted city cams, private cams and personal, hand-held cameras.

Police have been pulling together all the images they could to track down their suspects.

Among the people celebrating the One Spark festival in Jacksonville, Ken Jefferson made the point of the day about investigators in Boston, and their use of pictures.

"Last night would just have been a 7-11 robbery, if they didn't have that picture," said Jefferson. "If the image of that suspect weren't there, it'd just be another robbery."

Many people were taking pictures, all the while, pictures are being taken of them.

"All this city property, so if something happened out here, God forbid, hopefully it would be captured from that camera," said Jefferson. "So you have aerial view, that camera's on top of everybody. Then you have other cameras from this adjacent building, which is proprietary, but their camera could be useful also."

Jefferson pointed out an office building, where the mounted camera solved a murder in Jacksonville. Now, there are even more cameras because of you and me.

"Just about everybody has a cell phone, and what they do the least is talk on it," said Jefferson. "They're doing all sort of things we couldn't do 15 years ago."

The more cams there are, the better it is for law enforcement. That's why they were so quickly able to disseminate a picture, and hone in on the suspects.

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