Victim's mother reacts to Landing murder evidence

James VanMeter, bartender at Fionn MacCool's, talks about night of murder

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - The 911 calls and surveillance video from the October killing of William "Chris" Pettry are hard for his mother to see hear and see, but she knows it's the evidence that will be used in the trial of the man accused of killing her son.

Since last Friday, Channel 4 has reviewed hours of video, several 911 calls and 464 pages of court documents obtained from the state attorney's office.

As Chris Pettry lay in the corner of Fionn MacCool's Irish pub at the Jacksonville Landing, bleeding to death from a stab wound, the 911 calls captured the panic and confusion.

Caller: "He's bleeding."
911 operator: "Where is the person who did it?"
Caller: "I think he's inside ... he's outside."

Because of the perseverance of eyewitnesses and the fact several police were conducting an operation nearby, officers caught up with Matthew Hinson before he could get his pickup out of the parking garage next to the Landing. Surveillance video (right) shows officers taking Hinson down.

Pettry's mother, Carylin Hedstrom, was shocked to learn that the evidence was out and eager to see the material Channel 4 provided her.

"What more evidence do you need? He killed my son, there is no doubt," Hedstrom said in a phone interview.

You might think the victim's mother would want this investigation and trial to be over, but she's anxious for details -- and for the killer to face justice.

"What I feel is that if I would be told exactly what happened, I think it would help me," Hedstrom said. "I just want the guy to pay for taking a life."

This case is a long way from going before a jury. A pretrial hearing for Hinson (pictured, left) is scheduled for March 21.

Those who witnessed the killing -- like bartender James VanMeter, one of the voices heard calling 911 -- they just wish they could erase what they saw.

"I felt an unbelievable, just sorrow for the victim's family, knowing that he's a husband and father of three," VanMeters said.

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